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Beelitzer Bockwindmühle

Coming along the federal motorway from Trebbin, the post mill on its mill mound greets visitors to Beelitz from afar. Originally build in 1792 in the Prussian tradition and construction method, the mill was in continuous, commercial use until 1965. In the 1930s, the mill operations were electrified so the traditional windmill sails were no longer needed. In 2004, the Mühlenverein (mill association) was founded with the aim of restoring the mill as true to the original as possible and putting it back into operation. The functional post mill finally resumed operation in 2007 as part of a big mill festival.
A number of hurdles had to be overcome in order to reconstruct the post mill. For example, a new location had to be found as building development in the surrounding area would not allow mill operation to be resumed. On a newly heaped up mound just a few hundred metres from the original location, the reconstructed, refurbished and newly made parts were reassembled. The mill is now open two weekends a month in summer. Young and old can learn about the technical monument and the miller’s craft. The mill is also very popular with bridal couples and for events.
Trebbiner Straße
14547 Beelitz
Telefon: 033204-638999
E-Mail: muehle-beelitz@t-online.de

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