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"Alte Posthalterei" - Museum Beelitz

The current exhibition gives visitors an authentic look behind the scenes of the Prussian postal service two and a half centuries ago. On the one hand, the administrative conditions are illustrated using historic maps, tickets and other documents, and on the other visitors can follow the trip by stagecoach based on reports of people’s experiences. The exhibits provide a moving impression of the daily routine, experienced through the fascinating addition of audio snapshots at the listening stations.

The location of the Beelitz exhibition is steeped in history, namely the "Alte Posthalterei” posting station. It was built in 1789 by the then mayor, Gottlieb Ferdinand Kaehne, and is the only remaining Prussian postal service building from the stagecoach era that is so well preserved.
Poststraße 16
14547 Beelitz
Telefon: 033204-39154
Fax: 033204-39156
E-Mail: remus@beelitz.de
Erwachsene: 3,00 €
reduziert: 2,00 €
Kinder: frei € (bis 12 Jahre)

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